Omowale Mayasa is an Father,Entrepreneur,Educator,Emcee,Writer and Producer .

Omowale and Bomani Mayasa have a Brotherhood/Friendship that spans nearly thirty years. They were a rap group and and at one point even owned a label together.

Omowale was always around (he was there for the conception and inception of United Front) but did not become an official member until 2010. Omowale also has the distinction of being the only United Front member to be on every project released.

Omowale was a major contributor to the now classic:BlackPowerManhoodRap starring Bomani Mayasa(2011) and as a result created Cipha IncOmplete(2012) due to overwhelming demand from UF supporters. This project spawned and coined what UF now calls “Guerilla Albums”, “mixtapes” that play like albums but may use/contain industry beats. Just as Guerillas use whatever they may have in their immediate environment to achieve their goals regardless of limited resources. UF has done the same to transmit their all too important message. As a result, 10 out of 10 times the listener forgets about the original track song altogether.

Aside from his musical contributions, Omowale is a taskmaster in the UF collective, also acting as A&R…sometimes manager and executive producer.

United Front is not just a rap collective but also a formation of warriors and Scholars who also walk the walk. Omowale Mayasa is also a co-founder/contributor to the Liberation School enrichment program established (est.2010) and The Teach Our Own movement(est.2016) and frequent supporter of Afrikan Centered Educational institutions.

Future Projects: Young Elder Vol.1 (Djeli) , Harriet’s Shotgun (w/UniverCity Ave) and Radio FREE Dixie (w Bomani Mayasa).

Recommended reading: Iwa by. Mwalimu K.Bomani Baruti, How Europe underdeveloped Africa by Dr.Walter Rodney,Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington, preparedness Now by Aton Edwards, The Spirit of intimacy by Sobonfu Some, powernomics by Dr.Claude Anderson.


Hampton Avenue’s own Akintunde Yetunde AKA univerCITY AVEnue is  the most recent addition to the acclaimed United Front. Father,Warrior,Entrepreneur,Poet ,Emcee, gardener,chef, an all around modern day Imhotep.
An afrikan born abroad and raised in Milwaukee, Wi the emcee began writing poetry at the age of 12 to help express himself. In and out the streets , City linked up with the Milwaukee native Bank Muzik in 2008. Recording various unreleased tracks with the local artists, but never releasing a project of his own.
During the 2011 he went through a transformation that would change the content of his music forever. An apartment complex engulfed in flames forced CITY AVE into a fight or flight situation where he overcame his fears to help several individuals save themselves.
It was after this that he began searching for knowledge of self and a cultural identity.
Growing and developing in the black power community while maintaining his partnership with bank muzik proved to be difficult, as the creative focus was shifting away from what he established himself as. He was no longer robbing and shooting at his own kind, no longer disrespecting himself or his sisters and his music would reflect that.
The summer of  2016 CITY AVE left Bank Muzik forming his own Matriarch Muzik, dropping his debut mixtape “the AUSET papers” Vol.1. With hard hitting tracks like “something real” & “ruthless”, CITY AVE offered a fresh new voice for the struggle, one with deep thought &great intentions.
After crafting a classic album with middling success the artist linked up with UF’s own Bomani Mayasa on his project Lamumba’s Revenge. They did a song surrounding police brutality in the wake of yet another black male being executed called “Mike Brown”.
The Brothers from UF were so impressed with his work ethic, they offered him the opportunity  to become a member of their collective.
This began the relationship that cultivated into CITY AVE officially becoming a member of United Front in 2017 and debuting on the Vanguard ep in 2018.
 Along with his penchant for writing rhymes, poetry and songs, City also is a gardener who founded
The GROW OR DIE campaign.
G.O.D  was started in 2016 as an  effort to reacquaint Afrikans with agriculture as an expression of afrikan culture. This growing network of farmers and gardeners continues to provide examples to follow to growth and development.
Upcoming releases include Harriets Shotgun with Omowale Mayasa and the AUSET papers Vol 2 .
Suggested Reading: Complimentarity by Mwalimu Baruti, Blueprint to black power by  Amos Wilson , Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey by Amy Garvey , Women in Society by Sekou Toure, Destruction ot black civilization by Chancellor Willians , The Maroon Within Us by  Asa Hilliard.


Name: Bomani UFG aka Bomani Mayasa
From: Brooklyn, Ny

Bomani UFG (aka Bomani Mayasa) started writing rhymes at the young age of 12. His early influences were Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube & Nas. As a young boy, Bomani fell in love with hip hop, and was almost NEVER seen without his “walk-man” & headphones, blasting his favorite rap songs.

In 2003 Bomani UFG founded UNITED FRONT after being inspired by the classic dead prez album “Let’s Get Free”. Bomani released the first UNITED FRONT “Guerrilla Album” or “mixtape” after recruiting his long time friend and fellow emcee Deedle Green , titled “UNITED WE STAND: Vol 1”. Soon after Vol 1, “50 Shots Back: Afrikan Insurrecktion Muzik” was released in 2007, as a response to the murder of Sean Bell by police terrorist in November of 2006.

Bomani released 2 subsequent guerrilla albums: “BLACKPOWERMANhoodRAP” and “Lumumba’s Revenge” — both being solo efforts — are now considered classics amongst UNITED FRONT core supporters and hip hop lovers alike.

The “UNITED FRONT General” will be releasing “ConverSÈtions” and “Radio Free Dixie” with Ambassador O later ‘this year.